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Many companies have already grown their business with MetaMinder. We believe that the flexibility of platform's settings lets MetaMinder be the best solution in online education for both experts and business of all sizes.
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Case Studies

Going Remote

Distance learning can be a challenge. Finding ways to motivate employees to train was one of our many problems when transitioning. Lots changed for us when Covid hit. The employees that weren’t already remote moved to be remote because of Covid. MetaMinder was easy to use and easy to set up. No extra hassle, just what we needed without any added work or thought to it.

Jamie Hudson

Career Development Manager

Internal Training for Employees

A large company usually needs something a little different. MetaMinder could still handle our size. Our company is larger and as such has a lot of different branches. Finding a training program that supports a wide variety of subjects and can be easily modified for our use is not easy. MetaMinder helped us set up our internal training in a way that let us train employees in several different branches, spanning several vastly different fields of study.

Joseph Park

Sales Director

Virtual Employees Onboarding

Starting a new job and learning the ropes is never simple. Learning who’s who, what we expect from our employees, and getting to know each other is highly important. The move to fully-remote work was not an easy transition. Onboarding new employees was made even more difficult, and fostering a good relationship between employees was looked at as nearly impossible. MetaMinder offers each class a chance to learn each other’s names and even compete with each other, growing those relationships right from the start.

Christine Wolfe

Head of Recrutement

Mobile App That Makes a Difference

I used MetaMinder app when studied at the Project Management course and it really helped with grasping all the theory rapidly. I played games every day to practice the subject I just learned and it made comprehension easier.  And AI learning feature turned out very efficient. The questions that popped up were always the tough ones, but this way I learned quicker.

Brandon Fobbs


Learning Is a Fun Game

The app is very easy and user friendly. I really like to compete with my classmates and get all those achievement badges like in my favourite game. This app totally made my studying process agile, fast and efficient! It is pretty addictive, when you realise that you can study even if you only have 5 minutes. 

Sarah Jones


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